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  • CBD and Delta 8 Gummies!

  • Wholesale Glass

  • all Kinds of dabs

CBD and Delta 8 Gummies!

Wholesale Glass

all Kinds of dabs

Our Dabs are great

A definite must! don't hesitate to try our Delta 8. These dabs coming in over 15 different strains terpenes. Each terpenes give you a different type of high. We also have a good collection of CBD dabs and CBG!

Available in USA (USPS)

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Kind Smokeable Flowers

We have very kind flowers from California farms all the way to the east coast. They are grown with love organically from sister farms.

and then hung upside down drying under humidity control To create the ultimate dense cbd flowers.

An olfactory sensations from fragrant earthy pines to pungent cherry, and lemon cake.

Our fat flowers are finally trimmed And then packaged in Grams and in 8th, Quarters, As well as packaged 2 ounce Mason Jar bags.

You can even buy it by the pound.

Or we have it available in Available in pre -packaged Prerolls

Also if you are someone who likes to make your own products and would like to use:

High potency bio mass

Or other raw ingredients

We have that as well .

Enjoy Enjoy checking out our booth and online website, and Enjoy checking out our selection Of these Beautiful bouquets of nuggets.

The various flowers Have different Terpenes.

That are known for helping with many Things Things such as Inflammation muscle spasm Pain and insomnia. Say hello CBD

goodbye Stress


All flowers Available on this site
Have under 0.3% Delta 9 THC

Check out our Flowers strains

Kind CBD Flowers

We can White label and private label

as well as provide the Kind CBD Flowers brand.

We create
Superb quality Tinctures

Pain Salves

Bath Salts and Lotions,

Smokeable flowers Grateful dabs

Vape cartridges

we also have delectable Vegan gummies!!!

Custom White Label